20s timeout connecting to printer (XenDesktop/XenApp)


The (default) installed Citrix Universal Print client always tries to connect to the Universal Print server, even if it is not enabled by policy. It will try connect to port 8080 on the print server and when the Universal Print Server is not installed, it waits for 20 seconds.

Remove the Universal Print client from the VDA. This can be done by installing the VDA with the parameter /EXCLUDE “Citrix Universal Print Client”.

VDAWorkstationSetup_7.6.300.exe /quiet /noreboot /components VDA /exclude “Citrix Universal Print Client” /controllers “citrix.delivery.controller” /enable_remote_assistance /enable_hdx_ports /optimize /enable_real_time_transport /masterimage

Note: If Universal Print Server is installed and being used, this solution is not an option.


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