App-V user/computer based targeting from SCCM and FSLogix Profile Containers & Application Masking

App-V User-based targeting from SCCM and FSLogix Profile Containers

  • User logs in to host A and gets App-V packages pushed from SCCM
  • User logs off
  • User logs back in to host A; applications NOT available, but shortcuts are in Start Menu!
    • App-V directories are excluded from FSLogix (common practice)

<Exclude Copy=”0″>AppData\Local\Microsoft\AppV</Exclude>
<Exclude Copy=”0″>AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\AppV\Client\Catalog</Exclude>

SCCM ‘thinks’ the applications are already installed. A Software Updates Deployment Evaluation Cycle action must be performed from Control Panel \ Configuration Manager to force reinstalling the applications (Can’t use (logon) script, it must run with elevated rights).

Alternatively include App-V packages in FSLogix Profile Container (user profile disk).

App-V Computer-based targeting from SCCM and FSLogix Profile Containers and FSLogix Application Masking

  • App-V applications are pushed from SCCM to host A and published globally (to all users)
  • FSLogix App Rules are configured and placed in C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules

FSLogix App Rules determines if a user or group gets access to the folder/start menu where the application resides in.

Software Center shows ‘Past due – Will be retried’ error

  • Add C:\Windows\System32\AppVClient.exe to FSLogix App Rule.
  • Select Rule Set does not apply to user/group

This will allow the AppVClient.exe (triggered by SCCM) to write to C:\ProgramData\App-V\~package~ (made hidden by Application Masking).

User logs in to host A and belongs to AD group to obtain access to the application (folder/start menu).

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