Enable and Configure App-V on Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016

Microsoft has integrated the App-V agent within Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016.

To enable the App-V agent open Powershell and type: Enable-AppV

To see the App-V configuration type: Get-AppvClientConfiguration

The following script can be used to configure the App-V agent during an automated deployment (e.g. SCCM task sequence). In this example the App-V agent is configured to load packages from a Shared Content Store (SCS).

Set-AppvClientConfiguration -ENABLEPACKAGESCRIPTS 1
Set-AppvClientConfiguration -SHAREDCONTENTSTOREMODE 1
Set-AppvClientConfiguration -PACKAGESOURCEROOT \\fileserver\appv$\Packages\App-V

The following script can be used to pre-stage App-V packages:

Get-ChildItem “\\fileserver\appv$\Packages\App-V” -recurse -force -include *.appv | Add-AppvClientPackage

The following script will also publish all App-V packages to all users.

Get-ChildItem “\\fileserver\appv$\Packages\App-V” -recurse -force -include *.appv | Add-AppvClientPackage | Publish-AppvClientPackage –global

To pre-stage a connection group use the following command:

Add-AppvClientConnectionGroup -Path ‘\\fileserver\appv$\Packages\App-V\MyGroup.xml’ | Enable-AppvClientConnectionGroup –Global

If your App-V packages are pre-staged into a sealed image (e.g. Citrix vDisk), create a scheduled task at system startup (or use a GPO to run a PowerShell startup script via Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Scripts (Startup) to get new or updated packages from the SCS.

Scheduled Task
**** Program/script ****
**** Arguments ****
-ExecutionPolicy Bypass -file “\\fileserver\appv$\scripts\PreloadAppV.ps1”

Get-ChildItem “\\fileserver\appv$\Packages\App-V” -recurse -force -include *.appv | Add-AppvClientPackage
(add | Publish-AppvClientPackage –global to also publish packages)

If Shared Content Store mode is not used, packages can be mounted into the cache (for offline use) using the following command:

Get-ChildItem “\\fileserver\appv$\Packages\App-V” -recurse -force -include *.appv | Add-AppvClientPackage | Mount-AppvClientPackage (add | Publish-AppvClientPackage –global to also publish packages)

Remove all packages:
Remove-AppvClientPackage -Name *

The default location for cached App-V files is C:\ProgramData\AppV

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