Use groups in ListofDDCs (specify XenDesktop Controller(s) in registry)


If a ListOfDDCs specifies more than one Controller, the VDA attempts to connect to them in random order. The ListOfDDCs can also contain Controller groups, which are designated by rounded brackets surrounding two or more Controller entries. The VDA attempts to connect to each Controller in a group before moving to other entries in the ListOfDDCs. This can be useful when you want the VDA to register to the closest Delivery Controller, e.g. within the same datacenter.

ListOfDDCs (REG_SZ):

Random order:
DDC1_1.sldt.local DDC1_2.sldt.local DDC2_1.sldt.local DDC2_2.sldt.local

Group order:
(DDC1_1.sldt.local DDC1_2.sldt.local) (DDC2_1.sldt.local DDC2_2.sldt.local)


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